Join in the Pumpkin Trail

We still want everyone to enjoy Halloween this year, but we need to make sure everyone is safe at the same time.  We are not encouraging trick or treating, even though some of us love it – instead we are backing the Pumpkin Trail idea. 

Please put a pumpkin (real or ceramic or other type of material) or a pumpkin image in your window so that children and their families can walk round and spot the pumpkin.  Some parents, grandparents or carers may choose to provide their children with a treat for every pumpkin their children spot, instead of providing trick or treat sweets for children from other families.

Some of us are doing a bit more to decorate our gardens to add to the festive spirit.

Trick or treating is not illegal if walking around in groups of 6 or less, but please consider how you and others will stay safe while exchanging sweets or other treats with different households.


Newsome Ward Community Forum

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