Santa is touring Newsome…

Merry Christmas

Where to find Santa

Santa is touring Newsome on Saturday 12th December 2020.

He’ll be following this route:

10.15am Junction of Newsome Road and Elm Street
Travel along Elm Street, Manor Street, Bell Street, Newsome Road, Whitegate Road, Wood Lane, Ashenhurst Avenue, Ashenhurt Rise, Ashenhurst Road to bottom of Roger Lane

10.40am Wood Lane 
Travel along Wood Lane, Stile Common Road, Cross Lane to Lockwood Scar

11am Lockwood Scar, by Cross Lane
Travel up Lockwood Scar to Ruth Street, Ing Lane, Dawson Road, Newsome Road, Church Lane, Towngate to Newsome Avenue

11.20am St John’s Avenue, near Newsome Avenue
Travel along Newsome Avenue, Edale Avenue, round Berry View, Close Hill Lane, Blue Bell Hill to Stoney Cross Street

11.45am Blue Bell Hill, top of Stoney Cross Street
Travel along Stoney Cross Street, Taylor Hill Road and Birch Road to Newsome Road South

12.02am End of Birch Road by junction of Newsome Road South
Travel up Newsome Road South to St John’s Church

After visiting the Vicar for lunch, Santa will continue his tour of Newsome

1pm Leave St John’s Church
Travel up Jackroyd Lane, New Laithe Hill, round Fanny Moor Crescent and along New Laithe Road

1.20pm End of New Laithe Road
Travel down Longley Lane, Hall Cross Road, round Oakenbank Crescent, Longley Road to Broadgate 

1.40pm Junction of Longley Road and Broadgate
Travel round Broadgate Crescent, down Somerset Road, Wakefield Road, Colne Street to Firth Street and home

Look our for Santa in your area at these times.

Please maintain social distancing, or wear a face covering if not possible to stay 2m apart.

If you take any photos and are happy to share them, please email them to or upload to Newsome Community Ward Forum Facebook.

Christmas is Peace, Love, Sharing and Caring!

Santa in partnership with: Walker Timber & Fencing Centre, Rowe Roofing, One 17 Charitable Trust, Newsome Ward Community Forum

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